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  • Pop_side

    Vintage Poplar Maple – LMPM1455FNFM

    Vintage shell construction with a combination of Maple and Poplar gives you the vintage sounds you’re looking for. Classic Maple snap with bottom end fullness and character provided by the Poplar. Eight lugs and reinforcement rings continue the classic theme. Hi-carbon snares are borrowed from the Starlassic line, and it sure sounds like the best […]


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  • Walnut_front

    G-Walnut – LGW1465MBW

    Deep tones from the deep and dark, 100% Walnut shell. This drum has complex and dry tones with shorter sustain than maple. The fundamental is low and round. Steel Sound Arc hoop Adjustable butt strainer 30-strand carbon steel snares 9mm, 10ply Walnut 6.5×14″ 10 Brass Tube Lugs Matte Black Walnut Finish New model in the […]


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  • Super_maple_front

    Classic Maple – LMP1455SMP

    Classic sound, styling, and features. Snappy and warm Maple with sensitivity and character. Steel Sound Arc hoop Adjustable butt strainer 20-strand hi-carbon, super sensitive snares 8mm, 8ply Maple 5.5×14″ 10 Brass Tube Lugs Antique Maple Finish Evans G1 Coated and 300 Clear heads


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  • Phonic_front

    Starphonic Maple – PMM146STM

    Round, meaty tone as rich as the Mappa Burl exterior even when tuned higher. This drum features a number of unique features, including: Unique Groove Hoop is a combination of modern and classic styling. Shaped like a modern triple flange, but incorporating a channel for claw hooks to catch. Together, the hoop, the new Freedom […]


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